Don’t leave your home security to chance. Everlast Security can give you complete peace of mind by installing cutting-edge security technology tailered specifically for your home. From CCTV systems to security lighting, we provide comprehensive services to residents across the Greater Wellington Region, extending our reach up to Otaki and Masterton.

With the increasing risks of burglary, theft, and vandalism it’s essential to have a comprehensive security system in place. Safeguard your home and family with us today. 

Security Cameras

With CCTV being the best visual deterrence against any trespassers, our cameras are the pride and joy of our security solution. Along with recognition analytics and motion sensing capabilities, our system will notify you whenever a person steps onto your property. They allow you to check on your home at any time of the day, anywhere in the world so you always have complete peace of mind.

Everlast Security Security Lamp Icon

Security Lighting

Double up your defenses with our stealthy Security lighting. We aim to brighten up any entrances, gates and dark spots of your property whilst spooking any trespassers when those bright lights turn on. Paired with our cameras, your home will feel untouchable by any unwanted guests.


On top of all that, an alarm system is the cherry on top when you’re out of the house. The piercing sirens of the system are an amazing deterrence whilst also alerting your surrounding neighbours. Nothing would get burglars fleeing quicker!

Fire Security

A thief will most likely take a small number of valuable possessions. Whereas a fire can take a family’s entire home. For this reason, our qualified electrician will complete our electrical healthy home checklist and testing, whilst also installing complimentary fire alarms to regulatory standards.

Your Home and Families security starts here

  • We assess your homes biggest threats
  • Install a complimentary security light so we know you’ve got one of our best defenders keeping watch.
  • Discuss your wants and goals so we know what’s important.
  • Tailor a security package to fit all budgets and properties
  • Expertly install the tools you need to have complete peace of mind
  • and set up any devices so you don’t have any technical headaches.